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Included in the set are two meditations that Vasant Lad highly recommends. Additionally, instructions on sound therapy that balances the marma points according to the chakras is provided. Marma points useful for emotional healing are outlined as well as the proper essential oils for healing the doshas—vata, pitta, kapha—through marma point therapy.

"The Guidelines for Touch and Pressure card gives detailed instructions on marma point therapy techniques as well as contraindications. Finally, Vasant Lad offers a set of balancing holds that combines massage and marma point therapy in a sublime, calming routine."

Excerpted from "About the Applied Marma Therapy Card Set"


Applied Marma Therapy Cards

Based on Dr. Lad’s more than 40 years’ Ayurvedic clinical and classroom experience, this 30 card set is sourced from his popular Marma Therapy seminars.

Each full color card has a larger illustration with the name of the point and its location, for practice. The other side of the card has a more detailed illustration with the therapeutic applications of each point listed, for study.


23 anatomical cards with marma points
Healing through Energy Points
Emotions, the Organs, and Marma Points
Chakra Breathing and Sounds
Meditation for Self-Healing: So’Hum
Empty Bowl Meditation
Guidelines for Touch and Pressure
Applying Essential Oils & Oil Selection According to Dosha

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Cards are printed on a 16 pt cardstock and coated with a UV protective coating, making them quite durable.

30 - 5x7.5" cards, $30.00

  Vasant Lad is an Ayurvedic physician who received the degree of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, (B.M.A.&S.) from the University of Pune, in Pune, India in 1968 and a Master’s of Ayurvedic Science (MASc) degree from Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya in 1980 .


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