Academic Policies

Attendance Requirements

To be eligible for their certificate, students enrolled in the certificate programs must meet


the trimester attendance requirements of each course as defined in the Student Handbook and each course syllabus. 

Examinations, Grading and Certificates

Students are required to achieve a 70% or better in ASP 1 and 75% or better in ASP 2 in all course work and exams to pass, as well as meeting attendance and conduct requirements. Students who do not maintain the minimum academic requirements may be placed on probation according to academic policy. At the end of the Certificate program, appropriate


certificates are awarded to those who successfully complete all of the course work and pass the final oral exam with Vasant Lad.

The Pune Gurukula Program, Summer Intensives, and Weekend Seminars require attendance, but do not have exams.

Academic Records and Transcripts

Students are notified of their status in each subject at the end of each trimester after coursework and exams have been evaluated by the instructor and returned to the Education Department. At the end of the program, each student receives an official transcript listing


each course, grade, and the credit hours. These transcripts are maintained in the student’s permanent file, and also filed in the academic database. Students may request an additional copy of their academic records at any time from the Registrar for a fee of $15.

Requirements and Standards

In order to be and remain in good standing, students are required to abide by all the standards as stated in the Student Handbook, which is distributed and reviewed during Orientation.

No personal audio or video recording is allowed during class.
No cameras, computers, cell phones, or audio pagers may be used in the classroom.
No pets are allowed in the classroom, kept in the foyer, tied up outside, or left in vehicles during class. Certified assistance dogs are welcomed.


Young children and infants are not allowed in the classroom.
Students are encouraged to bring a personal computer for homework assignments. Wi-Fi is available throughout the Institute campus.

Student Complaints

Students with complaints or grievances regarding The Ayurvedic Institute should first seek to resolve their complaint or grievance directly with the party involved. If this does not resolve the issue, they should discuss it with the Dean of Education. If further actions are needed, the Administrator of The Ayurvedic Institute may review the issue. A response will be given to the student between three and ten days from the date of notification from the Dean of Education.


You may contact the New Mexico Higher Education Department (NMHED) at 2048 Galisteo Street, Santa Fe, NM 87505 (505)476-8400 or online at the link below. There will be no adverse action taken against the student for registering the complaint.

Click here for NMHED website and here for complaint form.

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