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Welcome to the recently completed Vasanta Institute of Ayurveda center. This new 10,000 square foot facility has an administration building, classroom, library, pharmacy, clinical examination room, kitchen, and dining room.

Dining Room & Student Dormitory


There is a separate panchakarma two-room treatment facility with individual bathrooms and panchakarma residential building as well as a student dormitory with 10 double-occupancy rooms, each with individual bathrooms.

The beautiful center is to the east of Pune in the agricultural countryside. The entire facility has been built to Western standards of drinking water, bathroom design, and all around Western building architecture. Entry Gate

All students, panchakarma clients, and residential staff will stay at the new center. Students are expected to find their way to the new center from their point of arrival in India. Once at the new center, all residential and dining needs as well as local transportation necessary for the 6 week program are provided. Optional trips to local points of interest will be planned on weekends and those who wish to participate will need to pay separately for the transportation and expenses of these trips.

Students will stay in the student dormitory, which has two floors with five double-occupancy rooms on each floor. Each room has its own private western style bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet. Each room has two beds, two locking wardrobe cabinets, and two desks. Student Dormitory
Student Dormitory

The water system at the center was designed to be similar to a small US rural system and should be able to provide water for the entire building that is the same standard as small private rural systems in the US.

Reverse Osmosis water is available in the dining room. If your digestive system is especially sensitive, we recommend you purchase and use one of the newer ultraviolet light "Steri-Pens" for your drinking water. These cost about $75 and are available at most outdoor and travel stores in the USA.

The center has solar heated hot water. Linens are provided. There is no heating or cooling, but for most of the year, temperatures should be mild. Check your favorite website for weather conditions for when you expect to be there.


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Entrance to Administrative OfficesVasant Lad at Administrative Offices Entrance

Panchakarma Client HousingPanchakarma Client Housing

Classroom EntryClassroom Entryway

Typical Bathroom, Shower Behind DoorTypical Bathroom, Shower Behind Door

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