Student Clinic

Ayurveda recognizes that each person has a unique mind-body constitution. The Ayurvedic student consultation process identifies the various components of an individual’s constitution, determines imbalances, and provides education, guidance, and options for helping the individual to regain balance and improve their health and wellness.

The purpose of the Student Clinic is to provide the student with the experience of conducting Ayurvedic consultations. The process provides


a learning opportunity for both the student and the client. Each client of the Student Clinic is seen by a Student Practitioner, under the supervision of a qualified Clinic Supervisor. All Student Practitioners in the clinic are enrolled in good standing in The Ayurvedic Institute Ayurvedic Studies Programs 1 and 2 (ASP 1 and 2).

The Ayurvedic Institute's Student Clinic is open seasonally each year. Consultations are by appointment only.

Student Clinic Pricing    
General Public   Student (with ID) and Senior (60+)

Initial Consultation (2 hours) $20

Follow-up Consultation (1 hour) $15


Initial Consultation (2 hours) $15

Follow-up Consultation (1 hour) $10


Graduate Clinic

The Graduate Clinic program is an exciting way for recent graduates to continue their high level of Ayurvedic training by conducting Ayurvedic consultations in a professional clinic setting. All Graduate Practitioners work with qualified Clinic Supervisors to ensure accuracy in assessment and development of recommendations.

This program allows The Ayurvedic Institute to offer clients moderately priced consultations by Ayurvedic Practitioners. The Graduate Practitioners are able to recommend diet, lifestyle, herbal supports and various treatments. Graduate students may also perform Ayurvedic treatments under the guidance of a Clinic Supervisor.

  Student and Clinic Supervisor
Graduate Clinic Pricing    
Initial Consultation (2 hours) $45   Follow-up Consultation (1 hour) $30

Professional Clinic

The Professional Clinic is a program for Faculty and Clinical Supervisors of The Ayurvedic Institute to offer Ayurvedic consultations to the public. To ensure the highest level of Ayurvedic expertise and experience, all Practitioners in this program must be a Faculty Member of The Ayurvedic Institute and have a consistent Ayurvedic practice for a minimum of three years.


Please call us for the most up-to-date information regarding individual Professional Clinic Practitioners, their specialties, and scheduling an appointment.

Professional Clinic Pricing    

Initial Consultation (1.5 hours) $81


Follow-up Consultation (1 hour) $54

Initial Consultation (2 hours) $108    
Ayuryoga Student Clinic

The Ayuryoga student clinic integrates the knowledge of Ayurveda alongside Yoga to offer clients individualized yoga programs to support inner healing. Based upon Ayurveda’s doshic theory and guidelines to achieve supreme health, students will conduct a thorough intake evaluation to assess your individual constitution, lifestyle habits, and diet to create a balancing yoga program to meet your specific needs.

Each client at the clinic will meet with a qualified Ayuryoga teacher trainee for an initial


evaluation alongside private instruction to assist the client to understand proper technique and postures to support their home practice. We will hold the initial consultation in our private clinic consultation rooms and then move to the Ayuryoga Studio for practice of your individualized yoga program. 

Once our clients receive a specified yoga protocol, follow-up consultations can be utilized for private review instruction or to revise their yoga programs.

Ayuryoga Student Clinic Pricing    
Initial Consultation (2 hours) $20   Follow-up consultation (1hours) $15
Tuesdays, from March 3 to May 26 at 6–8 pm   Make all types of appointments here.
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