The Ayurvedic Correspondence Course

Written by Dr. Robert Svoboda, BAMS. As a companion to Vasant Lad’s book, Ayurveda, the Science of Self-Healing, which may be ordered separately, it provides a supplement to the material presented by Vasant Lad. The correspondence course is an introduction not only to Ayurvedic principles and philosophy but also to a new way of thinking about health and disease. It covers some of the material that is presented in the Ayurvedic Studies Program (ASP) but in much less detail. It can be used with great benefit to prepare for ASP 1 or for participation in our seminars and intensives and by anyone seeking better health for themselves and their families.

The course consists of twelve individual lessons covering the fundamental principles and practical application of Ayurveda that are introduced in Vasant Lad's book.

Study materials with the course include a lecture series by Dr. Svoboda, a copy of The Hidden Secret of Ayurveda, and a recording of the pronunciation of Sanskrit terms. Course audio material is available on cassette tape or CD. A written examination is required after each section of the three-section course. This exam is corrected by the course administrator to assure the student’s understanding of each lesson and then returned to them.

It is strongly recommended that the student first read, listen to, and understand the book and tapes/CDs before proceeding to the lessons and examination questions. This ensures maximum understanding and benefit from the course. The student is allowed one year to complete the course. Upon successfully completing the course, the student receives a Certificate of Completion.


Dr. Robert E. Svoboda

Robert E. Svoboda is the first Westerner ever to graduate from a college of Ayurveda and be licensed to practice Ayurveda in India. During and after his formal Ayurvedic training his mentor, the Aghori Vimalananda, tutored him in Ayurveda, Yoga, Jyotish, Tantra and other forms of classical Indian lore. After moving to India in 1973, he lived there for more than a decade. Since 1985 he has continued to spend many months of each year there and in other lands.

The author of a dozen books, he serves as Adjunct Faculty for the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque and for Bastyr University in Seattle.For more information about Dr. Svoboda, visit his website.

Groups of ten or more who wish to study and discuss the correspondence course together as a class may be qualified for a 10% discount. They must order the course material simultaneously. Call our office for details.

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The lessons are:
1. History and Philosophy
2. The Three Doshas
3. The Human Constitution
4. Doshas, Dhatus and Malas
5. Pathology
6. Diagnosis
7. Therapeutic Theory
8. Therapeutics of Indigestion
9. Food
10. Medicinals
11. Lifestyle and Routine
12. Rejuvenation and Virilization


Ayurvedic Correspondence Course

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