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Ayurvedic Studies Program 1

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Beginning your journey with Ayurveda

The Ayurvedic Studies Program, Level 1, is the foundation of the educational programs offered at The Ayurvedic Institute. Alongside a complete curriculum of Ayurvedic knowledge and practices, ASP1 is a time for our students to increase self-awareness, healing, community building, and rigorous study of Ayurvedic knowledge and practices.

Who is this program for?

What subjects will you study?

Ayurveda is the science of self-healing. Here at the Ayurvedic Institute, we recognize that in order to support others in their healing, we must authentically engage in our own. As a student at The Ayurvedic Institute you will be asked to engage in self-inquiry, grow in your understanding of self through an Ayurvedic perspective, and apply what you are learning to your own life. It is a program that will transform your life, support you in realizing your true nature, and help you express that nature in the world.

What happens next?

Upon completion of ASP1, you will be able to practice as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, working to help your clients find balance through dietary modifications, lifestyle practices, pranayama and using basic herbal products. You will build your toolbox and scope of practice and begin practicing in our student clinic with members of the public so that by the time you graduate, you feel absolutely confident to step out into the world! Many of our ASP1 students wanting to expand their skills choose to continue to ASP2.

Many of our ASP1 students purely want to study Ayurveda to heal themselves and their families. For these students, we offer the Audit Track. Audit Track students will attend all of the same classes, and are under the same standards for attendance as Professional Track students. They do not, however, take assessments or receive grades.

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