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Enrich Your Studies With Vasant Lad

Working Together to Spread Ayurveda

We’re excited to be partnering with AyurPrana again to bring Ayurveda to you! AyurPrana was created to further support Vasant Lad, BAM&S, MASc’s mission of bringing Ayurveda and healing to everyone on the planet.

Started by a group of his students, AyurPrana’s sincere hope is to make Ayurveda accessible for all individuals. AyurPrana has played a huge role in bringing high quality, digital support for The Ayurvedic Institute, enabling Vasant Lad to see clients virtually, teach students all around the world and to support our ASP 1 & 2 students with virtual clinic.

We are truly grateful for this relationship and partnership with AyurPrana. Together, we know that are no limits to the wisdom of Ayurveda or to bringing that wisdom to your door.

Upcoming Seminars