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Our Village

We’re blessed to have a myriad of other organizations, entities, and support for both The Ayurvedic Institute and our students. As members of our community, the additional opportunities to interact with our sister organizations makes the entire experience of being a student that much sweeter.


AyurPrana is the second wing to The Ayurvedic Institute. AyurPrana was founded by Vasant Lad’s very own students to further his mission of reaching Ayurveda to each and every being on this planet. Together with AyurPrana, Ayurveda and Vasant Lad reaches students all over the world to make Ayurveda accessible from near and far. Together, we know that there are no limits to the wisdom of Ayurveda or to bringing that wisdom to your door. Visit liveayurprana.com for more information on the work we’re doing with AyurPrana.

Asheville Yoga Center

Located in the heart of the Wellness District in Asheville, we’re blessed to share a campus with Asheville Yoga Center. From daily yoga classes, workshops, and longer trainings, supplement your Ayurvedic knowledge with its sister science. Visit youryoga.com for more information!

AyurPrana Listening Room

The Listening Room is your home for conscious music and experiences. Cacao ceremonies, kirtans, conscious singers and more. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a week at school. Visit ayurpranalisteningroom.com for the latest event schedule.

SoHum Mountain Healing Resort

Our PK center in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville. Together with AyurPrana, SoHum Mountain Healing is where the magic of pañcakarma takes place. Together with the staff and practitioners, Vasant Lad practices and sees his pañcakarma clients here in the United States. An added bonus is our students in ASP2 and ASP3 get the opportunity to rotate and observe Vasant Lad with clients–furthering their experiential learning as Ayurvedic healers. Visit sohumhealing.com for more information.

Vasanta Institute of Ayurveda

The Vasanta Institute of Ayurveda is the realization of a long-time vision of Vasant Lad, BAM&S, MASc. It is a place where people from all over the world can come study Ayurveda in India. The VIOA campus is an education center consisting of a pañcakarma treatment facility, clinic, classrooms, and an Āyurvedic pharmacy. The Ayurvedic Institute works in collaboration with VIOA for spreading Ayurveda in the world and continuing our mission of healing all beings through Ayurveda.