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Ayurvedic Studies Program 3

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Becoming a Certified Ayurvedic Doctor

For graduates of ASP2 or equivalent programs, the Ayurvedic Institute is now offering the highest level of certification available in the West, Ayurvedic Doctor. In this two year program, Students of the program will strengthen their practical and clinical experience through dedicated observation and practice of various Western and Ayurvedic disciplines traveling all over the globe from New Mexico, Oregon and Pune, India.

What will I study?

What happens next?

As graduates of the Ayurvedic Studies Program, level 3, you will join the select few people in the West who have obtained this qualification through hard work and dedication to the ancient art of Ayurveda. As an Ayurvedic doctor, the world is your oyster! Working closely with medical professionals, complex client cases and operating a successful panchakarma clinic are all well within your scope of practice. 

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