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How often can someone go for a panchakarma procedure?

Ever done an Ayurvedic cleanse or Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment before? Maybe you’ve done one and you felt so amazing afterwards that you’re hooked and can’t wait to do another! Or you have a health concern that you’re wanting to support through regular panchakarma therapy, but you’re unsure how often you can do it.Maybe you’re hearing about Ayurvedic […]

How can I begin to learn Ayurveda?

A beginners guide to approaching the study of the science of lifeHow to learn AyurvedaAyurveda is a captivating ancient system of health and healing; providing detailed  instructions relevant to this day on the best ways of living in harmony with nature and unfolding perfect health. As such, many of us find ourselves drawn to her […]

Ayurvedic daily practices to transform your health

DinacharyaHow to use Ayurveda in daily life?Dinacharya is the daily routine, one of the key concepts in Ayurvedic practices. It is the foundation on which our lives are built and that foundation is necessary to bring a positive change in body, mind and consciousness. Dinacharya helps to maintain optimal health by removing the wastes from […]

Benefits of Becoming an Ayurvedic Lifestyles Teacher

Ayurvedic lifestyle coaches have never been in higher demand nor more needed – we’ve grown disconnected from our food, the natural world, and our bodily intelligence and intuition. We have forgotten how to read the signs of our body and listen to our own being – this is where Ayurvedic Health Counselors come into play.

What is the Most Effective Way to Study Ayurveda in the US

We’re going to explain the NAMA certification requirements for each of these respective levels, their scope of practice, how they compare to a BAMS program in India as well as the nuances we can speak to regarding the programs provided at the Ayurvedic Institute.

How to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner

You love the idea of learning Ayurveda and sharing this ancient wisdom to support the healing of others, but you’re curious what that looks like in real life – how long does it take to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner and what is the process? Let’s break it down.

What to Expect in the Institute’s Ayurvedic Studies Program 3

Back when the Ayurvedic Institute was originally founded in 1984 by Dr. Lad, there were only two levels of education offered in the Ayurvedic Studies Program; ASP1 and ASP2. Now, as the Ayurvedic Institute has evolved, expanded and moved locations a third level of the Ayurvedic Studies Program has become available: ASP 3.Before enrolling in […]

Cultivating Your Inner Garden: Why Ayurveda offers the Best Approach to Personalized Healing

Ayurveda’s rise in popularity continues to grow as the vedic philosophy expands westwards, with products, diets and supplements hitting shelves. So many individuals have become frustrated with the ineffectiveness of the western medical model and their “one size fits all” approaches. While it can be empowering to reject this outdated pharmaceutical option, it can often […]

Ayurvedic Qualifications

As the global interest in Ayurveda continues to grow, many turn towards this ancient vedic science to deepen their pre-existing practices or begin to take their first step working in alternative medicine. Although this new found acceptance has popularized this alternative modality, there are still many legal restrictions in the United States that healers at […]