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Copyright And Fair Use Information

All of the material on our website is copyright protected including, but not limited to, audio and video recordings, downloadable written material, and all other information in all forms.

You may not republish any material from our website in any format such as books, articles, blogs or papers, electronic or printed, including publishing on another website. You may not sell, rent, or license material from our website. You may not use material from our website for commercial purpose or distribute material from our website in any form.

You may contact the Publishing Department with permission requests to quote or use specific material. Please include the following with your request: your name, the title of the material you wish to use, how you want to use the material, such as in a lecture, your address, phone and email. If we need further information, we can request it when you contact us.

US copyright law does contain provisions for Fair Use of materials but these are highly restricted and very specific instances. We recommend you visit some of the copyright expert sites to understand copyright laws. One that is particularly informative, comprehensive, and understandable is the Stanford Copyright and Fair Use website, fairuse.stanford.edu

The US Copyright Office has some general information as well, copyright.gov/fair-use/more-info.html