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Marek Sawicki


Marek Sawicki is a highly trained international educator and experienced clinician in the fields of Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga Therapy and Medical/ Orthopedic Massage. His comprehensive education includes being a graduate of The Ayurvedic Institute under the guidance of Dr. Vasant Lad with the most comprehensive Ayurvedic training available in the US. This training is reinforced with two years of clinical internship under Dr. Alakananda Devi of Alandi Ayurvedic Gurukula specializing in internal herbal medicine, clinical pañcakarma, digestive disorders, women/men’s health, and chronic illness, just to name a few! 

Marek has been leading and training other Ayurvedic healers in this lineage of Vasant Lad across the United States. His diverse background in multiple healing arts and sciences allow for a truly holistic approach when it comes to his teaching methodology.