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Ayurvedic Treatment Fees & Services

Take a break from your busy week to relax and rejuvenate at The Ayurvedic Institute. Treatments inspired by the wisdom and teachings of Ayurveda are given to you by our skilled therapists who have decades of combined experience. This is a great opportunity to incorporate ancient Ayurvedic healing therapies into your regular self-care regimen. Leave your treatments feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

One Day Panchakarma


This 1-day program consists of the following Ayurvedic treatments:

  • Ayurvedic consultation.
  • Abhyanga – oil massage administered by two therapists specific to the client’s constitution.
  • Swedan – sweating to remove toxins.
  • Shirodhara – a calming and balancing treatment for the nervous system.
  • Udhulana – an herbal skin treatment.
  • A special panchakarma diet – to facilitate cleansing and nourishment.
  • A personalized health and wellness lifestyle plan – to support the client after the program.

Does not include additional therapies, herbal remedies, products, yoga practice or other services.

Treatments and consultations may be scheduled on multiple days as long as space is available.

Please note that when our PK facility is fully booked with 5-day treatment clients, we do not have the space and staff for the 1-day treatments. But please call to inquire because space can open up.

Abhyanga Therapy

Abhyanga is the foundation of the detoxification program within Panchakarma. The therapy may be done by a single therapist or a two-therapist team using a synchronized routine. The entire body is oleated, including the scalp and feet. Herbalized oils are used for the massage and essential oils are applied to specific energy points. If indicated, medicinal nasal drops are administered and warm oil is put into the ears.

Purpose: Thoroughly oiling the body, by way of Abhyanga, loosens deep seated metabolic waste materials, and brings elasticity to the body tissues. It then moves these waste materials to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract for removal. It also promotes flexibility in the joints, coordination, and a general sense of well being.

Shirodhara Therapy

Shirodhara is the therapeutic administration of warm oils to the center of the forehead in a continuous stream. A blend of sesame-sunflower oil is used or Ayurvedic herbalized oil can be substituted for a $10 additional charge.

Purpose: Shirodhara helps calm the mind and the the nervous system. It can alleviate mental and emotional stress and facilitates the unfolding of clarity and bliss.

Mini PK

This package includes an Abhyanga massage with a single therapist, Svedana (individual herbalized sweat therapy), and Shirodhara treatment.

Other Treatments

Netra Basti
$89.99 each
Specialized Basti Therapies (Single)
$79.99 each
Manya, Pushta, Kati Bastis (together)
$129.99 each
Consultation only (Ed Danaher)
Consultation Follow-ups: with Senior Practitioner
Ayurvedic Massage (one therapist)
Ayurvedic Massage (two therapists)