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Frequently Asked Support Questions

Ayurvedic Institute Live Lectures are provided via internet video streaming services.

  1. Watching the video stream requires a high bandwidth internet connection (DSL, cable modem and the like).
  2. JavaScript needs to be enabled on your web browser.
  3. Adobe Flash Player should be installed and activated on your web browser.
  4. If you have many Wi-Fi access points in your area we recommend using a “WIRED” connection. (i.e use ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi)
  5. Be the only person using the Internet during the broadcasts. An average sustained speed of 600Kbps is required for good quality video and audio. Less than this may cause stalling or broken stream. Ex. somebody else or you watching YouTube videos at the same time.
  6. The video materials are “© COPYRIGHTED.”.

What Are The Free Friday Night Lectures?

Our Seminars and Summer Intensives begin on Friday evenings and traditionally this is a free lecture that anyone can attend, as long as there is space. Now you can watch live or recorded lectures online.

Upcoming Live Brodcast will be listed on the Live Lecture tab. When the stream is available the actual stream window will replace the lecture description.

I would like to be notified about the new lectures

To be informed of upcoming events including notifications of upcoming broadcasts, subscribe here.